March 26, 2015

Should Having Twins Really be a Surprise?

Recently I read this article on babble "I Wish My Wife and I Weren’t Having Twins" and his wife's article: "I’m Expecting Twins — and I Feel Like I Ruined My Family" and it really irritated me.

Everyone is usually surprised when they find out they are having two babies instead of one. I'm not saying they shouldn't, but when you go into having a baby, you should ALWAYS be prepared for the chance of multiples, not just twins. What if you have triplets, quadruplets? Are you ready to support more than one new addition?

What bugs me about this couple is they live in a one bedroom apartment and planned on adding another kid. Maybe if they had a two bedroom apartment, but seriously, two kids and only one bedroom? What were you thinking to begin with? Now you have twins, that's three kids. They probably should have thought about housing before getting that IVF. Seriously, where were they planning to put baby number two? Four people sleeping in one room? That can't be fun.

That brings me to point two, They opted for IVF to get pregnant and they chose to double her chances by using two embryos. So instead of using that money to move into bigger housing, they put it towards a second child and risk the possibility of having twins, and what do you know, they got twins!

Another thing that's upsetting is that they hoped for a girl and got two boys instead. Well gender is 50/50, if you can't be happy with what you get, then you shouldn't have a baby or elect for adopting instead of IVF so then you can guarantee a baby girl. They also wanted the child for their son. That's another problem.

You should never have a baby for any other reason besides the fact that YOU want another one. Only children grow up fine, they don't need a brother or a sister. Heck, I had a younger sister and it was not that great. I wished I was an only child a lot growing up and even now I feel like an only child. We might text every now and then, plan things for our parents, go on family trips together, but we aren't best friends. We don't share everything that's happening in our lives. We don't live in the same state, so distance is a factor, but even if we did, we probably wouldn't hang out all that much since we have different interests.

Point is, should twins really be a surprise? Well yes because they aren't that common, but no, because you should have thought ahead to the possibility of two at once and be prepared for an extra baby, which is another reason why it's better to wait till you are financially ready to support a baby because it makes supporting two that much easier.