May 25, 2015

Shark® Rotator® Slim-Light Lift-Away® Vacuum Review

I got the Shark® Rotator® Slim-Light Lift-Away® Vacuum (NV341) from Target last Christmas (2014) and I love it so much, I decided to do a review! I am not paid or endorsed by Shark to do this, but I just really wanted to share how awesome this vacuum is!

First, it is bag-less. I have never had a bag-less vacuum before so this was a huge deal for me. Love how easy it is to empty and I don't have to worry about buying new bags!

Another plus is that the cord is longer than I expected! With our last vacuum I had to switch outlets to reach certain parts, this one I don't!

The best part is that it has a lift away feature so I can do the stairs and vacuum cobwebs/dust off the ceiling. The hose is also connected due to this function and not a separate part, which makes this less of a hassle. It's fairly light, maybe around 12-13 pounds, not too bad to carry around, until the container starts filling up, then it gets a bit heavy. I suggest emptying it out before carrying it around or when it gets half full so it's not so heavy. Makes for a good workout though.

The filters are also washable. It recommends washing every 3 months and maybe brushing off dirt after each vacuum. Washing the filter is super easy, but downside is it takes a couple days to dry out. I try to vacuum once a week (we have 2 cats and 1 dog), so I follow this cleaning schedule, but if you vacuum less often, probably don't need to wash it as much. I think you can also clean the canister, but not sure why you would, it is just going to get dirty again! The manual doesn't mention cleaning instructions for it either, but I'm sure you could rinse it out or wipe it down with a damp paper towel, just make sure it's completely dry before the next use!

Did I mention that it has headlights? Who would've thought that would be a desired feature, but it's actually really nice for the darker areas in the house and when going under furniture. It's not really necessary, but it was a nice little perk for us!

As for sound, yes it's loud, but most vacuums are, but it is not as loud as our last vacuum (we had an old school hoover vac that used bags), so I have to say sound wise, it's not that bad because I have heard worse!

This vacuum also picks up way more hair/dust/dirt than our last vacuum. Here are the pictures to prove it:

This is what it looks like when it's full!
Look at all that pet hair it sucked up!

Our old vacuum was never this good at picking up all that dust, dirt, and hair! This vacuum also has a brush roll option, so you can turn it off or on (brush roll is only for carpets!), so it works on hard floors. Only downside to this vacuum is having to pull hair that gets wrapped around the brush roll, but that's that same with all vacuums. I haven't had one where you didn't have to pull out tangled hair, probably doesn't help that I have long hair!

Overall, I give this vacuum an A+ and recommend it for anyone who has pets, just look at all that hair it sucked up!

This review is my honest opinion and I was not compensated in any way.