June 26, 2015

Are Family Parking Spaces Necessary?

I'm sure many of you have seen signs like these in some parking lots:

Some of you can't wait to use them, others ignore them, and some, like me, just plain hate these things.

Why do people with children these days feel as if they are so privileged compared to those who don't have kids? Even pregnant people get their own parking in some places!
"Having reproduced, they feel their position in society has elevated to such an extent that it feels entirely normal for grown women to admit to throwing a tantrum over not getting the parking space they feel they deserve" (source).
The only people who should and deserve (in my opinion) to get a reserved parking space are those who are disabled. Pregnancy is temporary and it's not like you have to get pushed around in a wheelchair or use a walking stick, and people with children, well that was your choice! People who are disabled didn't make a choice and if they did, I'm sure most would have chosen not be disabled.

Of course this is coming from someone who doesn't have kids yet, but I was a kid. My parents didn't get a special parking spot and they did just fine. I've seen parents with kids in parking lots walking to the store and they do just fine. So why do we need these special reserved spots?

Our society is moving to a new form of discrimination, discrimination towards the childless. Just because I don't have a child doesn't mean I should have to park far away to run a quick errand. People with children are more likely to be in the store longer than me, after all, they have children to tow around, while I just have to worry about myself and the item I'm grabbing. So if anything, maybe people with children should take a farther parking spot? It's not fair for them to hog the closer parking for a few hours when there are plenty of people who just need 15 minutes to grab something.

So to be fair, close parking should just be a first come first serve thing, unless you are disabled. A child does not suddenly disable you and having a child should not give you special privileges. People with kids are no better than people without kids.

Another thing, do these signs really accomplish anything? Think about how many families you see in the store, even if you had some reserved/special parking for families, there wouldn't be enough for everyone. There are way more families than there are disabled people. So to me these signs aren't accomplishing anything and just creating unnecessary drama while discriminating against the childless.