Hi, my name is Diana and I am the brains behind this blog.

I created this blog originally as a way to document our journey from waiting to conceive, to actually trying to conceive, to being pregnant, and to finally share my experiences of being a parent.

However, this blog has also become an outlet for all the crazy thoughts in my head, so there are many opinionated and personal posts and some that are just fun and random. I also enjoy hosting and sharing giveaways with my followers as a way to say thanks for reading my blog!

What's with the "s" at the end of my domain/URL? Well, beforeandafterbaby was already taken when I began this blog and since our last name starts with an "S," I went with that. I have debated if I should change my blog name to Before and After Baby S and refer to my daughter as "S" to have it match my URL, but it just didn't look right to me, and now that this blog has taken off, I'm not motivated enough to do a rebrand, so the "S" in my URL is here to stay!

Now for a little bit about me: I am in my mid-twenties and currently live in Minnesota. My husband and I have been together for a total of 7 years (married for 5 of them) and we have one sweet baby girl, Elsa, who was born on Christmas Eve in 2016! We also have two cats and one dog.

Besides blogging, some of my hobbies and activities include reading, Netflix, running, knitting, and crafting. I am a huge Disney, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who fan.

Thanks for visiting!

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