5 Best and Safest plants for baby nursery

Decorating a baby nursery with plants can be a safe and healthy option, also complement the looks of the baby’s room. The idea of plants can add the greenery looks, getting your baby touch into nature.Several plants are non-toxic & safe for babies, and they require minimal care.

Adding a plant to a nursery has various health benefits as it ensures a healthier environment. Most plants have air-cleansing properties which fight against polluted air. To give a soothing and elegant touch to a baby’s room, add a tabletop or hanging plants in it. Do not add plants that have round or sharp edges. Also, avoid non-toxic plants. As some indoor plants can be dangerous to your little one.

The top five plants for a baby’s nursery are as follow:

  • Money Plant
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Spider Plant
  • Dracaena Plant
  • Ponytail Palm

1. Money Plant

A money plant, formerly known as the Guiana Chestnut, is sure to complement your baby’s nursery. This indoor plant needs indirect sunlight and adores a lot of colour shades. It requires less water than the rest of the plant. It is one of the most charming miniature trees that bring prosperity and good luck to your home. Money plant is similar to palm because it has bright green palm leaves and braided steam.

Decorative Idea – Select a tiny version that has an attractively braided trunk. Place them between a bookshelf and wall shelf for a subtle look.

2. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise has flat and large leaves, also it has colourful flowers (blue and orange blooms) which enhance the beauty of the nursery. The plant doesn’t suit low light conditions. It can benefit from water left out overnight before using or from filtered water.

Decorative Idea – Place your plant into the indoor plant stand or choose a clay pot and place it on the floor.

3. Spider Plant

Spider Plant has beautiful leaves which look like grass, making an addition to your baby’s nursery. Those looking for a plant that needs low maintenance can pick this plant. It is a non-toxic plant and safe for both animals & babies.

4. Dracaena Plant

This is going to be a perfect option for a baby’s nursery that has a lot of natural light. The plant can survive in lower light conditions. Possibly the most popular and safe houseplant, this tall tree with lime green leaves is completely safe for your baby. It is an excellent air-purifying plant for indoor use.

5. Ponytail Palm

As the name implies, the plant has whimsical, long and curly leaves. The ponytail palm leaves are robust & non-toxic which makes them safe for nursery. It is one of the perfect natural décor plants.

Final Words:

Baby’s safety is your priority whether choosing an indoor plant or anything else. Some plants are safe for babies while others are not. In our opinion, add indoor plants that don’t need sunlight, additional care, or a lot of watering.

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