5 Quick Baby High Chair Safety Tips for new parents

Feeding a baby is a challenging and stressful task, especially for new mothers. With a high chair, you can expect mess-free mealtime from your baby. Plus, you can have a happy hour with peace of mind. If we buy a large piece of furniture for our children, we expect the unit to be completely safe for them.

However, placing children on a high chair is a risk factor, as it can lead to injuries and sudden accidents. Being a parent is not enough to keep the eyes on the baby; you need to take extra safety precautions whether sitting on a high chair or the floor.

One study found that there was a 22% increase in falling from a chair for children three years of age or younger.Most of the accidents are occurs when the baby stands or jump in the chair; as a result, facial & neck injuries like concussions, cuts, even brain injuries.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has approved that choosing a high chair that meets safety standards for restraint systems and stability is the safest option for the baby. To prevent unavoidable injuries, you need to follow some safety tips. Knowing safety tips will allow you to prevent risk factors and injuries. Some of them are as follow:

  1. Use the safety harness, straps or crotch strap whenever your baby sits in the chair. Without a safety harness, the high chair enhances the risk of developing serious injuries.

Your child may slip and fall as a result; it may result in injury at the mouth. Don’t allow your baby to stand and jump in the high chair. Cover your child with a three or five-point harness.

  1. Make sure the chair is heavy and cannot be tipped over. The lightweight chairs can be moved easily which can lead to the risk of injuries.
  2. If your baby chair has wheels locked it to avoid injuries. Also, use the high chair only for meals, not for anything else. Do not leave your child alone in the high chair. You never know what unexpected accident may occur.
  3. Do not place the high chair near the tabletop or the kitchen countertop or anywhere that increases the risk factor. Most babies may use their legs to push the chair while sitting in the high chair. Therefore, keep an eye on the child’s chair wherever it is or stay near it.
  4. Before using a high chair, make sure the chair has no sharp or pointed edges. Otherwise, the sharp points can harm your baby.

These are some safety tips that every parent should consider during sitting their baby in the high chair. You should check more safety aspects that you can check online.

Final Words:

A high chair helps the parent to feed their baby without bending but it can enhance the risk of falling of the baby. With safety harnesses and safety precautions, you can avoid all types of accidents.

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