Foods You Can Cook With An Electric Kettle

Not only for boiling water and preparing hot beverages, but you can also use the electric kettles for cooking some of the foods that taste good. If you begin to read about the amazing dishes, you will be able to cook with the kettle. Your mouth will certainly start watering. The food dishes are easy to cook and also you can cook within minutes. Let’s see some of the delicious foods you can prepare with an electric kettle.

  • Hot sweet corn Pasta

Are you a fan of pasta? Then you can prepare this creamy dish in an electric kettle. You have to put in sweet corn and the required butter in the kettle. Cook for two to three minutes. It will become soft and slippery. No take out the corn and keep it aside. Then add the macaroni with water. Take off the water from the kettle after boiling the macaroni. Then add all the necessary ingredients together. Your hot sweet corn pasta is ready.

  • Boiled eggs

The boiled eggs are the best breakfast. It is also easier to cook in an electric kettle. Put the eggs in the kettle and fill up water. Check if the eggs are not touching the heating parts. Boil for ten to fifteen minutes. Now place the eggs in cool water and take it out for serving. This is one of the easiest dishes to make in an electric kettle. People living in hostels can take better advantage of the electric kettle because they can eat food that is easy to cook as well as healthy.

  • Maggi

Maggi is everyone’s favorite. This dish also can be prepared in an electric kettle. First, boil water in a kettle and water then add vegetables. If the vegetables have cooked, then add Maggi at last. Mix the Maggi masala at this time and cook it. Now you can serve the Maggi hot and juicy because it is cooked at the right temperature.

  • Vegetable Rice

Rice is the major food in Indian households. Without having rice for lunch, you may never feel fully satisfied. So for the people who require rice for lunch, there is happy news. It can be cooked in the electric kettle. First of all, soak the rice for twenty minutes in water and keep all the vegetables ready. Add the materials with the rice in the kettle. Add salt as per your preference. Leave it to cook for twenty minutes. You can also add ginger, chili, and coriander for taste. At last, vegetable rice is ready to be served.

  • Oatmeal

If you require a healthy meal for your breakfast, then there is no meal better than the oatmeal. You can prepare that too in the electric kettle. Boil water in the kettle. Then mix the oatmeal. Also, add your favorite fruits. Add finishing touches like chopped almonds and honey in a bowl. Enjoy the oatmeal.

These are some of the tasty foods you can cook with an electric kettle. It is easy to cook these foods in an electric kettle. For more guide about kitchen topics follow us at we have covered all kitchen related articles.


5 Benefits Of Using Cupcake Stand For Your Party

You’ve got a beautiful cake for your celebration. However, in order for your guests to notice it, you must do something special. A beautiful cake stand can make a significant difference in the presentation of the cake at your event. After all, until the cake is sliced, it is the focal point of everyone’s attention.

When a magnificent cake is put on a cake stand, it appears to be majestic. It assists in increasing the amount of admiration for the cake as well as whetting the appetites of the guests. And, of course, who doesn’t enjoy those “wows”?

See these 5 top advantages of a cupcake stands to help you manage the cake layout and decor for your next event, which will save you time and money.

Increases aesthetic value

A cake presentation stand is primarily used to raise the cake and exhibit it in a visually appealing manner. A cake stand, on the other hand, is not restricted to displaying simply cakes or cupcakes. They can also be used to exhibit other sweets or small food items if desired. Because of the higher platform, the display is more noticeable and noticeable.

Offers security and safety to the cake base

The beautiful cake you purchased for your special occasion is a work of art with numerous layers of frosting. It consumes a lot of effort, work, and expertise to design a cake, and it necessitates a lot of patience and concentration. Placement without any stable support or basis is equivalent to sitting back and waiting for a calamity to occur.

Cake display stands offer the best protection against all of the uneven ground & clumsy hands that might cause your masterpiece to tumble and be destroyed. Cake stands also make it possible to position and move the cake to the proper location on the tabletop without damaging the design or frosting of the cake.

Enhances the party décor

Cake stands are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials and you can pick one that best suits your needs. Cake stands are available in a variety of materials, including glass and metal.

They bring a dash of color to your cake and, as a result, to the whole decor. Keeping all of the design elements in sync might be difficult, but with the large selection of cake stands offered, you are likely to find something that suits your needs.

Helps in saving space

When cakes or cupcakes are spread out flat on a table, they take up a lot of room and don’t appear very appetizing. A cake stand, on the other hand, can save a huge amount of space while also adding to the overall presentation when there are numerous layers. They have the ability to accommodate a greater number of goods while still maintaining an elegant and trendy appearance.

Can be customized

Now, let’s talk about people who enjoy adding a personal touch to their home’s décor. A cake stand is a unique approach to make the event extra memorable if you’re a good artist or just a fan of the style. Fill the pipes of the multi-layered stands with fillers that are appropriate for your theme and you will have a unique cake stand. For example, artificial flowers and LED lights are acceptable options. That sounds like a lot of fun!

A beautiful cake is required for any occasion, whether it is a birthday bash, marriage, baby shower, anniversaries, bridal shower, or any other event. Cake display towers have become increasingly popular throughout the years, serving to support and accent this centerpiece. If their beauty isn’t enough of a motivation to purchase them, then these additional factors certainly are.


Your First Period after Baby Birth: What to Expect?

It is common for a lady to experience alterations in their menstrual cycle after having a baby. After delivery, some women find that their periods have a shorter menstrual cycle, while some experience more leakage and heavier periods. You cannot expect frequent periods for at least two to three months after giving birth to a baby.Some women who breastfeed also go without periods for a longer duration.

What to expect after Baby Birth?

Giving birth to a child is the precious phase of life in which different types of hormonal changes occur in a woman body. The biggest thing is a standard postpartum period which is completely different from the duration of the periods before pregnancy. Here are some major reasons that may affect the menstruation period:

  1. Women’s various hormone levels are unstable.
  2. Hormone levels are affected by breastfeeding.
  3. Women’s uterus takes time to return to its normal size.

After a few months of delivery, some women have heavy leakages and while others find that there are more blood clots and intense cramps than before pregnancy. Some women notice that the blood colour is different for long period.

Postpartum bleeding

Whether you had a vaginal delivery or operative delivery through operation, you’ll continue to bleed for seven to eight weeks giving birth to a baby.This bleeding process is called Lochia instead of menstruation.

You will notice a deep red colour of blood and a few blood clots in the beginning. These clots are enough large as plums. After a few days, the bleeding will become wet and red colour may change from red to brownish or pinkish.

After giving birth, most women experience lochia. During this period, they should use only maternity pads, menstrual pads instead of tampons. Within six weeks after giving birth, do not enter anything in the vagina that would harm you.

What are Maternity Pads?

Maternity Pads are ideally designed to soak a large amount of fluid and convert leakage into a gel. Because after giving birth to the child, there is more flow of periods which cannot be managed with regular pads. A maternity pad has extra length and width as compared to normal pads.

It offers more absorption which reduces the task of changing the pads frequently. The material is non-irritation and soft which provide complete comfort and quickly absorbs the leakage throughout the day.

Effect of Periods while Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding women may not have a post bleeding period of several months as breastfeeding often succeeds periods and prevents ovulation. Women who breastfeed for a long duration cannot have periods back on time until they stop nursing.

On the other hand, some women may get menstruate after five to six weeks if they use a combination of bottle feeding and breastfeeding. Women’s bodies generate more prolactin when they use breastfeeding full-time. Prolactin is a hormone that helps the body to generate milk but it also stops period for a limited period.

Final Words:

Women’s postpartum period is generally unstable for a few weeks after giving birth. It is normal to go through irregular periods due to hormonal changes.


5 Best and Safest plants for baby nursery

Decorating a baby nursery with plants can be a safe and healthy option, also complement the looks of the baby’s room. The idea of plants can add the greenery looks, getting your baby touch into nature.Several plants are non-toxic & safe for babies, and they require minimal care.

Adding a plant to a nursery has various health benefits as it ensures a healthier environment. Most plants have air-cleansing properties which fight against polluted air. To give a soothing and elegant touch to a baby’s room, add a tabletop or hanging plants in it. Do not add plants that have round or sharp edges. Also, avoid non-toxic plants. As some indoor plants can be dangerous to your little one.

The top five plants for a baby’s nursery are as follow:

  • Money Plant
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Spider Plant
  • Dracaena Plant
  • Ponytail Palm

1. Money Plant

A money plant, formerly known as the Guiana Chestnut, is sure to complement your baby’s nursery. This indoor plant needs indirect sunlight and adores a lot of colour shades. It requires less water than the rest of the plant. It is one of the most charming miniature trees that bring prosperity and good luck to your home. Money plant is similar to palm because it has bright green palm leaves and braided steam.

Decorative Idea – Select a tiny version that has an attractively braided trunk. Place them between a bookshelf and wall shelf for a subtle look.

2. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise has flat and large leaves, also it has colourful flowers (blue and orange blooms) which enhance the beauty of the nursery. The plant doesn’t suit low light conditions. It can benefit from water left out overnight before using or from filtered water.

Decorative Idea – Place your plant into the indoor plant stand or choose a clay pot and place it on the floor.

3. Spider Plant

Spider Plant has beautiful leaves which look like grass, making an addition to your baby’s nursery. Those looking for a plant that needs low maintenance can pick this plant. It is a non-toxic plant and safe for both animals & babies.

4. Dracaena Plant

This is going to be a perfect option for a baby’s nursery that has a lot of natural light. The plant can survive in lower light conditions. Possibly the most popular and safe houseplant, this tall tree with lime green leaves is completely safe for your baby. It is an excellent air-purifying plant for indoor use.

5. Ponytail Palm

As the name implies, the plant has whimsical, long and curly leaves. The ponytail palm leaves are robust & non-toxic which makes them safe for nursery. It is one of the perfect natural décor plants.

Final Words:

Baby’s safety is your priority whether choosing an indoor plant or anything else. Some plants are safe for babies while others are not. In our opinion, add indoor plants that don’t need sunlight, additional care, or a lot of watering.


Why Should You Keep a Fan in Your Baby’s Room?

To maintain good airflow in the baby’s nursery installation of a table fan or ceiling fan is very important. It keeps the room fresh and provides light air movement which has a healthy effect on the baby’s body.A study shows that a fan improves room ventilation and helps the baby to enhance the mix of exhalation into the room air. Also, it allows the room air to circulate freely so that your baby can breathe properly.

If a baby’s nursery is full of excessive heat, it may cause sudden death, formerly known as SIDS.Babies cannot follow sleeping and breathing patterns as their mind hasn’t developed as adults which can suffocate the child. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain low airflow in their nursery.

Advantages of a Ceiling or Table fan in Baby’s Nursery

Fixing a fan in a baby’s room does have a lot of benefits. It ensures that your baby takes quality sleep without the risk of getting choked. Various other benefits of installing a fan in a baby’s room are as follow:

  1. It is highly recommended that the child’s room have equipped with a fan instead of an air conditioner.The technology by which an AC or air conditioner deals with the air inside is not child-friendly.

Today, ACs is designed to eliminate the existing moisture and offer newer molecules that can lead to respiratory issues and asthma. These molecules can also tend to skin allergies and other body reactions.

On the other side, a ceiling or table fan keeps the room air rotating around without affecting natural humidity.

  1. A completely packed room can make it scary for your baby. Along with the sound of the air conditioner, the kick-on of the compressor can also disturb sleep. Talking about fans, they create a minimal and light noise that helps the baby to take deep sleep which is important for your baby. A fan always brings a sense of security to the little one and enables him to fall into a deep sleep.
  2. A child’s habit of cooler or cold can have a bad effect on their body.Both AC and cooler can make the temperature extreme which makes the baby’s body habitual. Once he leaves the room, it is difficult for them to adapt to the natural temperature. With a fan, you can bring a natural temperature level into the baby’s nursery which is comfortable and safe for the baby’s body.
  3. Turn on the fan along with AC, if you’re using the AC in the baby’s room. Make sure the temperature should be around 25 to 27 degrees Celsius.

Ceiling Fan or Table fan: Which one is better for your baby’s nursery

A ceiling fan is a better option than a table fan for a baby’s room. This is because; your child will not be able to reach it. Before using the fan, make sure the fan is installed by a professional.

Final Words:

Fans are good choice than an AC to keep a baby room full of natural air. It also reduces the risk of SIDS and gives you peace of mind.


5 Quick Baby High Chair Safety Tips for new parents

Feeding a baby is a challenging and stressful task, especially for new mothers. With a high chair, you can expect mess-free mealtime from your baby. Plus, you can have a happy hour with peace of mind. If we buy a large piece of furniture for our children, we expect the unit to be completely safe for them.

However, placing children on a high chair is a risk factor, as it can lead to injuries and sudden accidents. Being a parent is not enough to keep the eyes on the baby; you need to take extra safety precautions whether sitting on a high chair or the floor.

One study found that there was a 22% increase in falling from a chair for children three years of age or younger.Most of the accidents are occurs when the baby stands or jump in the chair; as a result, facial & neck injuries like concussions, cuts, even brain injuries.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has approved that choosing a high chair that meets safety standards for restraint systems and stability is the safest option for the baby. To prevent unavoidable injuries, you need to follow some safety tips. Knowing safety tips will allow you to prevent risk factors and injuries. Some of them are as follow:

  1. Use the safety harness, straps or crotch strap whenever your baby sits in the chair. Without a safety harness, the high chair enhances the risk of developing serious injuries.

Your child may slip and fall as a result; it may result in injury at the mouth. Don’t allow your baby to stand and jump in the high chair. Cover your child with a three or five-point harness.

  1. Make sure the chair is heavy and cannot be tipped over. The lightweight chairs can be moved easily which can lead to the risk of injuries.
  2. If your baby chair has wheels locked it to avoid injuries. Also, use the high chair only for meals, not for anything else. Do not leave your child alone in the high chair. You never know what unexpected accident may occur.
  3. Do not place the high chair near the tabletop or the kitchen countertop or anywhere that increases the risk factor. Most babies may use their legs to push the chair while sitting in the high chair. Therefore, keep an eye on the child’s chair wherever it is or stay near it.
  4. Before using a high chair, make sure the chair has no sharp or pointed edges. Otherwise, the sharp points can harm your baby.

These are some safety tips that every parent should consider during sitting their baby in the high chair. You should check more safety aspects that you can check online.

Final Words:

A high chair helps the parent to feed their baby without bending but it can enhance the risk of falling of the baby. With safety harnesses and safety precautions, you can avoid all types of accidents.


How to Make a Rope Ladder for Your kids?

Ladders are boundless outdoor kid’s toys for the backyard, park and activity ground, as they promote balance and coordination. Make your kid’s vacation upbeat and thrilling with a minimal height and sturdy rope ladder.  Various options are safe & perfect but with DIY steps, you can make a rope ladder on your own.Let’s have a look at how to make a tied Rope ladder yourself:

What material and tool you’ll need to make a Tied Rope ladder

  • Strong & sturdy Steps – To make sturdy steps, you can use something that is made of good quality wood. That might be broom handles or branches of the tree. Some rustic rope ladders are constructed of tree branches.
  • Rope – When you’re making a ladder for your toddler, you’ll need premium quality and hard rope. The complete weight of your toddler is going to be handled by a ladder that you’ll make for him. So, make sure that the rope is enough sturdy.


  1. You will need a sharp saw to slice your steps to give perfect length.
  2. You will also need a tape and pencil to measure the width and length of the steps which is going to be fixed in the ladder.

Steps to Make a Tied Rope Ladder for your kid

The best method to make a tied rope ladder is the Marlinespike hitch. This method allows you to make a temporary knot that can be used to attach a step to a rope in addition to forming a handle. It is one of the easiest ways to tighten knots and build a perfect ladder for kids. Follow the mentioned steps by using a Marlinespike hitch rope making method to make a rope ladder:

  • Cut your wooden branches to length. Make sure each rung should be cut into a similar length.
  • Make a mark on the centre of your rope. This is going to become an upper part of the ladder and can be twisted. Tie each end of the first step at an adequate distance from this marked point.
  • Once you have perfectly done the first step, you need to roll all the steps to the rope. Do not leave too much space in between the steps.
  • Use Marlinspike hitch to tie each end of steps.

Steps to follow for Marlinspike hitch

  • Make a rope just below where a ring should be in the rope and fold this loop up near the top of the ladder.
  • Push the notch in such a way that is caught by the knot.
  • Once it takes the right position, tighten the rot
  • Repeat the same steps with the other side of the rope.
  • And, your ladder will be ready to use.

Bottom Line:

Depending on for which activity your kid uses you a rope ladder and material type, you can build three different types of the rope ladder. Among three options, the tied type is the safest option which can be designed for minimal height. They are light and can be made easily.


How To Baby-proof Your Dustbin?

Kids will always tend to make a mess within the room. You can easily understand the situation if you have the experience of handling a little one. Sometimes it becomes a challenging job for the parents to hold them along with their notorious acts. On a safer note, you can take some measures to keep the home baby-proof. It is not that easy to carry out the job. You need to take some precautions and steps to do so.

Every year a good percentage of children are admitted to the hospital because of choking and suffocation issues at home. As a parent, you need to be much careful.

Best way to make the dustbin of the room baby proof:

Most babies tend to peep into the dustbin and touch it. Even if you restrain them from doing so, they will try to reach out to that place. Here are some tricks you can follow to keep the kitchen dustbin baby-proof. A dustbin is that area of the room that remains filled with dust and rotten elements. Here are some ways to follow to keep the baby out of the dustbin.

1. Keep the dustbin in a different location:

To keep the baby out of the reach of the dustbin, you must try to place it in some odd place. It is best to put the dustbin in a higher place where the little one cannot touch or peep.  If it is kept on the ground level, they can easily reach the area and touch it.

2. Keep the dustbin clean from time to time;

It is also suggested to keep the dustbin by regularly washing it with soap and antiseptic. This will keep the dustbin germ-free. It is a bit safer for the baby.

3. Use a fresh and regularly change the dustbin bag:

It is also advised to change and put a new dustbin bag on the bucket. This will prevent the area from becoming a mess. It is safe for the little one to some extent.

4. Change the dustbin frequently:

You are always advised to change the dustbin after some days. As we are throwing wastes in the bin, it becomes dirty. Even regular wash cannot keep it suitable for an extended period. So, it is okay to change the dustbin as and when required for safety.

5. Place the dustbin in some covered area:

You are also advised to place the dustbin within a covered area in the kitchen. This will restrain the little one from entering the kitchen and touching the dustbin. If the bin is in a covered area, he will be unable to trace of the same, which is safe for the baby.

Final words:

It is impossible to keep away the little ones from naughty acts. It is the parents who have to compromise. You have to adopt some safety measures to keep the baby safe and your home clean from dust. We have to use dustbins. So, it is also essential to keep the little one away from the dustbin.


Baby Safety Tips for the Robotic Vacuum

Robotics vacuum is a standard tool in almost all houses. They are considered to be an essential item for cleaning the room and keeping it tidy. You can easily use it to improve the tidiness of your room. However, you must remember one thing about the robotics vacuum cleaner. It is essential to see that you handle it in the best possible manner. Safety is the primary issue before all of us. You must never compromise with the safety and security part of the product. This is why it is suggested to take all proper precautions for the child’s safety while you are using a robotic vacuum.

Best safety tips to follow for the Robotic vacuum:

Here are some of the best safety tips to follow handling a robotic vacuum. You must be careful if you have a child in your home.

1. Checking the instructions:

You must check and go through the instructions or the manual sheet attached to the device. You must remember that a robotic vacuum is the one that will move and work on its own. Thus, It would help if you were careful while operating it. The safety tips will be clearly mentioned in the manual of the device.

2. Removal of unnecessary items from the floor:

You must remove all the trashes from the floor while using a robotic vacuum. During this period, you must not allow your little one to sit on the floor. It may be dangerous for him. The product will absorb all the dirt and dust from the floor. If you have a pet in your home and if the pet’s hair is found lying on the floor, the vacuum will absorb it. So, you must be careful about it.

3. Try using child lock:

If you have a child in your home, you must first check the child lock system of the device. It is the primary thing. This will prevent you from facing accidents at home. Every advanced device has a child lock system. Similarly, robotic vacuum will also have the same. You need to check the method of operating the child lock system of the device.

4. Never overuse the device:

The robotic vacuum will automatically stop after work. It has a specific limit. You must never try to extend the limit and harm the vacuum. This will shorten the lifetime of the product.

5. Keep the vacuum at a certain distance:

It would help if you always tried keeping the robotic vacuum at a certain distance when not in use. It must not be within reach of the little one. They can bring it out and try some unwanted activities which are bad for the device.

Final words:

A robotic vacuum is an exciting and scientific way to clean and maintain a room. It is one of the practical and advanced ways of cleaning the house. However, it would help if you always remembered that it is a sensitive device that you must carefully handle for the child’s safety.


What is a Hooded Baby Towel? Its Uses and Benefits

You must have seen that a newborn is always wrapped in a towel. The towel will give him with warm and cozy feeling. A new trend is also found to keep the baby within the towel. These towels are made with soft fabrics. Thus they are safe for the little ones. If you are planning a hooded baby towel for your baby, you must check the absorbent factor of the product.

The presence of hoods on the towel will help in covering the head of the little one. It plays a protective role. This is why it is acceptable among the parents. You can also get hooded towels in various colors and sizes.

What are the best uses and benefits of using a hooded baby towel?

While you are planning to buy a hooded baby towel, you must have an actual idea about its various uses and benefits. In the following lines, you will learn about the services and advantages of hooded baby towels.

First, you will come across the use of a hooded baby towel.

  • Used for protection:

You can use the hooded baby towels to protect the little ones from the air or cool breeze. If you are taking your baby outside, it is better to wrap him in the hooded towel. The towel will protect the ears through which a cool breeze enters the body, and they may have a cold and cough.

  • Used for body rubbing:

You can also use the hooded baby towels for rubbing the baby after their bath. They help in the easy absorbent of water from the body. It also helps in easy drying of the body.

  • Used for keeping the baby warm:

The hooded baby towel is best used for keeping the baby warm during the cool and chill months. This is why most pediatrics also suggests wrapping the newborn with hooded towels.

Primary benefits of using a hooded baby towel:

In this part, you will get to know the primary benefits of using a hooded baby towel.

  • Made of high-quality fabrics:

The best part of using a hooded baby towels is they are made with high-quality fabrics. This will prevent and protect the baby from getting affected by rashes. Sometimes, the rashes become so terrible that the baby has to suffer a lot.  So, hooded baby towels are the safest one in all aspects.

  • Larger in size:

The hooded baby towels are always large in size. This will help in the smooth holding of the baby. The baby will also get enough space within the towel. This will add warmness and increase the body comfort of the little one.

  • Good in protecting against allergic reactions:

Suppose you find that your baby tends to have allergic reactions in the body. It is okay to use hooded baby towels. They are good to keep the body sound.

  • Attractive for the little ones:

You must have noticed that little ones always love to see bright colors. They will feel good if you use colorful towels. However, the hooded baby towels are available in different bright colors. They will attract the baby, and they will always love to touch and use it.

Final words:

The introduction of hooded baby towels is an exciting matter for babies. Most parents appreciate the use of these baby towels. They feel the product comes with a warm feeling. It also gives comfort to the one who holds the baby with the towel. It is also great in drying the baby after their bath. You can try the hooded towels for your one. They will love to stay within it.