How to Make a Rope Ladder for Your kids?

Ladders are boundless outdoor kid’s toys for the backyard, park and activity ground, as they promote balance and coordination. Make your kid’s vacation upbeat and thrilling with a minimal height and sturdy rope ladder.  Various options are safe & perfect but with DIY steps, you can make a rope ladder on your own.Let’s have a look at how to make a tied Rope ladder yourself:

What material and tool you’ll need to make a Tied Rope ladder

  • Strong & sturdy Steps – To make sturdy steps, you can use something that is made of good quality wood. That might be broom handles or branches of the tree. Some rustic rope ladders are constructed of tree branches.
  • Rope – When you’re making a ladder for your toddler, you’ll need premium quality and hard rope. The complete weight of your toddler is going to be handled by a ladder that you’ll make for him. So, make sure that the rope is enough sturdy.


  1. You will need a sharp saw to slice your steps to give perfect length.
  2. You will also need a tape and pencil to measure the width and length of the steps which is going to be fixed in the ladder.

Steps to Make a Tied Rope Ladder for your kid

The best method to make a tied rope ladder is the Marlinespike hitch. This method allows you to make a temporary knot that can be used to attach a step to a rope in addition to forming a handle. It is one of the easiest ways to tighten knots and build a perfect ladder for kids. Follow the mentioned steps by using a Marlinespike hitch rope making method to make a rope ladder:

  • Cut your wooden branches to length. Make sure each rung should be cut into a similar length.
  • Make a mark on the centre of your rope. This is going to become an upper part of the ladder and can be twisted. Tie each end of the first step at an adequate distance from this marked point.
  • Once you have perfectly done the first step, you need to roll all the steps to the rope. Do not leave too much space in between the steps.
  • Use Marlinspike hitch to tie each end of steps.

Steps to follow for Marlinspike hitch

  • Make a rope just below where a ring should be in the rope and fold this loop up near the top of the ladder.
  • Push the notch in such a way that is caught by the knot.
  • Once it takes the right position, tighten the rot
  • Repeat the same steps with the other side of the rope.
  • And, your ladder will be ready to use.

Bottom Line:

Depending on for which activity your kid uses you a rope ladder and material type, you can build three different types of the rope ladder. Among three options, the tied type is the safest option which can be designed for minimal height. They are light and can be made easily.

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