Why Should You Keep a Fan in Your Baby’s Room?

To maintain good airflow in the baby’s nursery installation of a table fan or ceiling fan is very important. It keeps the room fresh and provides light air movement which has a healthy effect on the baby’s body.A study shows that a fan improves room ventilation and helps the baby to enhance the mix of exhalation into the room air. Also, it allows the room air to circulate freely so that your baby can breathe properly.

If a baby’s nursery is full of excessive heat, it may cause sudden death, formerly known as SIDS.Babies cannot follow sleeping and breathing patterns as their mind hasn’t developed as adults which can suffocate the child. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain low airflow in their nursery.

Advantages of a Ceiling or Table fan in Baby’s Nursery

Fixing a fan in a baby’s room does have a lot of benefits. It ensures that your baby takes quality sleep without the risk of getting choked. Various other benefits of installing a fan in a baby’s room are as follow:

  1. It is highly recommended that the child’s room have equipped with a fan instead of an air conditioner.The technology by which an AC or air conditioner deals with the air inside is not child-friendly.

Today, ACs is designed to eliminate the existing moisture and offer newer molecules that can lead to respiratory issues and asthma. These molecules can also tend to skin allergies and other body reactions.

On the other side, a ceiling or table fan keeps the room air rotating around without affecting natural humidity.

  1. A completely packed room can make it scary for your baby. Along with the sound of the air conditioner, the kick-on of the compressor can also disturb sleep. Talking about fans, they create a minimal and light noise that helps the baby to take deep sleep which is important for your baby. A fan always brings a sense of security to the little one and enables him to fall into a deep sleep.
  2. A child’s habit of cooler or cold can have a bad effect on their body.Both AC and cooler can make the temperature extreme which makes the baby’s body habitual. Once he leaves the room, it is difficult for them to adapt to the natural temperature. With a fan, you can bring a natural temperature level into the baby’s nursery which is comfortable and safe for the baby’s body.
  3. Turn on the fan along with AC, if you’re using the AC in the baby’s room. Make sure the temperature should be around 25 to 27 degrees Celsius.

Ceiling Fan or Table fan: Which one is better for your baby’s nursery

A ceiling fan is a better option than a table fan for a baby’s room. This is because; your child will not be able to reach it. Before using the fan, make sure the fan is installed by a professional.

Final Words:

Fans are good choice than an AC to keep a baby room full of natural air. It also reduces the risk of SIDS and gives you peace of mind.

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